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Functional Anatomy of Posture and Gait

  • LCC Downtown 101 E 10th Ave, Room 230 Eugene, OR 97401 (map)

Functional Anatomy of Posture and Gait

A Class to Understand and Optimize Posture and Gait

January 26 2019, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM · Lane Community College Downtown Campus, Room 230

Posture and gait are whole body neurological, perceptual and musculoskeletal patterns that are at the core of all our movements. Posture can positively or negatively influence our walking pattern and in turn our gait can support our posture. Furthermore both are important factors in overall health.

This class will have two areas of focus. The first will be an introduction to the anatomy of those body structures that are core to posture and gait. These include the upper cervicals, the mid thoracic spine, the sacrolumbar spine, and the hip, knee and ankle joints. The anatomical study will include the localized detail of the joints and how the individual joints relate in a whole body pattern.

The second component of the class will bring the anatomy home as each student will have an opportunity to explore their individual pattern of posture and gait. Through posture/gait analysis and movement/perceptual exploration each person will expand their understanding of their whole body movement dynamics.

The class is designed to enhance an understanding of core anatomy and fundamental movement dynamics of posture and gait. It is useful for bodyworkers and yoga and movement teachers who want to improve their understanding of structural balance and efficient gait.

Early Registration: $150
before January 1, 2019 ($170 after)