Scott is a talented Rolfer! He has strong energetic and sensitive manual skills that he uses to great effect. The bodywork I’ve received from Scott has alleviated tensions in the moment but has also quickly adjusted long-standing imbalances and patterns. I recommend Scott for his expertise, professionalism and wisdom.
— Oliver
Scott is a magician when it comes to fixing alignment and structural issues in the body. If you’re dealing with ongoing discomfort issues that you can’t seem to solve, I definitely recommend you meet with Scott and see what he can do.
— Steve
Scott is incredibly knowledgeable and in just a little treatment he straightened my body out. I did not realize how twisted I was. I left more relaxed and with greater movement and felt more aligned with my body and even my emotions. Thank you so much Scott for you help!
— Sharaya
The hands-on and movement work Scott did in one session was profound in easing discomfort and freeing up my compromised foot and ankle, resulting from a severe ankle injury in 1980 and subsequent surgeries. It was exactly the work I had hoped to get in over 35 years of seeking physical therapy. Thank you.
— Wendy

Robert Wootten Rolfing Testimonial

I am 60 years old and have been thru many 10 rolfing sessions since 1976. From the first time when I was 17 and in great shape and I thought that I did not need rolfing. Well when I went to my first session as a subject for the students to work on, the instructors evaluated me and described how my muscles were out of balance where some were doing the work of others. As I went thru the sessions then and now I am still amazed on how rolfing helps your body facia, muscle, ligaments, tendons, and bones function as independent members, but work together as a human body in harmony.

My latest ailment was Shingles which did major damage on my nerves in my right leg. Do to the nerve damage my right leg did not bend in my foot correct and my freedom of movement was out of balance and limited. Again, I am amazed on the results. I am healthier and have more motion and correct movement in my body now than I have had since my last set of Rolfing session. I have used other therapies, Physical therapy, Acupuncture, yoga, and they have all been beneficial. But rolfing has improved my balance in life more than the others by a very noticeable difference.

One additional note, Scott Huette was my rolfer thru my last 10 sessions. He was an excellent rolfer in training and I would use Scott again if he lived in my town.


Robert Wootten